Oposoft YouTube To Zune Converter

Oposoft YouTube To Zune Converter

YouTube To Zune Converter is professional Zune video converter
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Oposoft YouTube to Zune Converter can help you play downloaded video on Zune, a portable device developed by Microsoft.
This converter has an easy-to-use interface, specifically intended to convert several files in a single work session. You can import files either individually or as complete folders. Unfortunately, this program does not allow adding DVD sources or downloading video from the Internet. You can preview the contents of the added files and take snapshots of given scenes. If these files contain various audio tracks or subtitles, you can also pick one of them. However, the converter will not let you import subtitles from external files.

The tool comes with some basic editing features that enable you to use it as a rudimentary video editor. Thus, you can extract a segment from the whole video by marking the initial and final times. Equally, you can crop the visible region of the frame by just dragging the handlers. Then, you could join the extracted segments into a single file, for instance. Such picture parameters as luminosity and contrast can also be adjusted.

Although the program has been specially designed to convert to Zune-compatible formats, it also supports converting to other devices, such as iPod, Xbox, Windows Phone and Android gadgets. Moreover, several profiles are available for each device type. Unfortunately, though these presets can be modified, no new ones can be saved for later use.

All in all, Oposoft YouTube to Zune Converter is really useful when you need to play video or audio on various types of mobile devices. It also lets you edit video with decent results. However, it is limited by a narrow range of target formats.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It is easy to use
  • It supports batch conversion
  • It includes some simple editing functions


  • It has a narrow range of input and output formats
  • It does not allow creating new profiles
  • It does not support DVD sources
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